Are Disposable Razors Safe? Are They Better Than Safety Razor?

Disposable Razors

Have you ever used or thought about buying a disposable razor?

Today, a lot of men feel comfortable with this choice since they’re convenient, budget-friendly as well as easy to use and replace it with another.

Although we can easily replace disposable razor with a new one after a short term or a few times of use, how long is actually a disposable razor good for? Or should they be used only once? Depending on how you use and how you take care of it, you can change your disposable razor every three weeks.

Some people are still hesitating about trying this product out in terms of its safety to their skin as well as to their health. Just keep reading, and you will get the answer.

Is It Better To Buy Disposable Razors?

Yes. They are safe.

Comparing to other razors like electric razors, we don’t need to waste time on cleaning it too carefully because we can throw it away after several times of use. You can always get new ones! Additionally, we can avoid getting hurt by the ruined blades of disposable razors after a long time of use.

are disposable razors safe?

Are you wondering about the situations that you should use a disposable razor? Let me show you.

When we are traveling, we tend to bring with us convenient and small-sized personal belongings. And disposable razors is an absolutely ideal choice. After several times of use, you can throw it away without thinking twice.

Moreover, one disposable razor can last for three weeks, making it perfect for a long vacation, right?

In another situation, just imagine that a friend or a guest stay in your house for a short time, but they might forget bringing their own razors with them! Having on hand some disposable razors at that time is such a great solution!

However, besides its advantages, disposable razors also have some drawbacks. Let’s make a comparison between disposable razor and safety razor to see which is better to use.

Disposable Razor vs Safety Razor: Which is Better?

Disposable Razor vs Safety Razor
Which is better between Disposable Razor vs Safety Razor? (toolsofmen)

Blade structure:

The safety razor is stated as safer than the cut-throat or straight razor and now improved the design into a double-edged safety razor, while the disposable razor is only made of a single blade along with a plastic handle which becomes a convenient tool for many men.

The shave quality:

Considering the shave quality, perhaps the safety razor gets more advantages. The disposable razor today is improved with more blades with the belief that the more blades, the better shave.

Otherwise, there are some arguments that the number of blades in the disposable razor can cause skin irritation. Using 3-blade cartridge for shaving is like 3 times more irritation. It’s also said that multiple blades close to the skin, resulting in more tiny nicks and injured the skin.

Meanwhile, the safety razor is more gentle to your sensitive skin because, with a single double-edged blade, your skin is more difficult to get hurt by cuts. The design of the safety razor allows making adjustments to the angle so that the quality of the shave is much increased.

Material quality:

Take a look at the quality of the material used for disposable and safety razor to see the differences. As its name, the disposable razor can be used for once, so its blades are made from cheap quality steel. It means that these blades cannot stay sharp for a long time.

That is the answer to the manufacturer’s suggestion to use the disposable razor in three weeks.

On the contrary, the material for the safety razor blades is medical grade stainless or carbon steel which gives them really sharp and not easy-to-be-damaged feature after many times of shaving.

One more thing, the safety razor receives higher points when we compare its handle’s material with the disposable razor’s one.

While the manufacturers choose plastic for the handle of the disposable razor to lower the price, the safety razor’s is made of metal which is strong and long-lasting. Each of them is manufactured with different purposes; however, generally, the safety razor is more friendly to the environment.


From everything we have listed above, you must know which one is cheaper. It is certainly the disposable razor. If you are looking for a convenient and budget product, then a disposable razor is for you.

However, if your need is a razor that you can use for a long time, something that can become a valuable accessory for you, don’t hesitate to grab a safety razor.

In spite of this, a wise calculation can make a change. Let’s make a simple calculation to compare the costs of two kinds of products. If you use a disposable razor, you have to spend $12 for three blades, while it costs you $0.80 to buy a single blade if you want to use a safety razor. In this way, perhaps you may change your mind.

All in all, do you think which one is better?

Even though safety razors might be more expensive, their long-term benefits are undeniable and worthy of investing in.

Which is the best Disposable Razor?

Best Choice Rating Price
Gillette Mach3 4.6 Check Price on Amazon
BIC Flex 5 4.2 Check Price on Amazon


Yes, they are safe generally as we have mentioned above. If you want a razor for traveling that is convenient and easy for you, a disposable razor can meet your needs.

However, if you are finding a simple but long-lasting razor, the world of safety razors is available for you to explore! What do you think?

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