Can you shave your head with an electric razor without cuts or irritation?

People have had this notion that when something is powered by electricity and used on the skin, it could be quite dangerous or risky. This isn’t always true as you will find many electricity-powered devices useful on the skin if handled properly. One of such many devices is a shaver with an electric razor. On […]

Should You Have Shave Before or After you Shower? What is Better?

There has been a lot of controversies on when to shave i.e. should you shave before or after you shower? Well, there is a lot of benefits when you do both and one major thing is: you would have finally completed the task of clearing or cutting your facial hair. Now, it is important that […]

How to Clean an Electric Shaver for your next use

Electric shavers are one of the most effective devices you can ever use as a man; it gives you a good shave and ensures you look your best. There are several brands known to produce electric shavers, each with their own special features, running time and maintenance level. It is quite interesting to know that […]

How to shave with an Electric Razor without irritation

If there is one thing you would dislike about shaving, it is the discomfort such as irritation that comes with it. The primary purpose of shaving is to get a clean, smooth surface of the sensitive skin, but when irritation occurs, it puts such cover in a sorry state. Most times, the primary cause of […]

Can you use shaving cream with an electric razor?

There are often questions on how to use an electric razor, and the benefit of this tool over traditional razors has been established. It will interest most users that electric razors are useful in performance and while they disregard some things, traditional razors pick them up for their own effectiveness. One of these things is […]