How Long Do Electric Shavers Last And Tips To Increase Their Lifespan

How Long Do Electric Shavers Last?

An electric shaver is a popular product helping men to get out of the messy face’s hair.
Not like the manual razor, it has a different life expectancy, which depends on how you maintain it and the quality of the materials.

So how long do electric shavers last?

Keep reading to find out! we also bring you some tips to increase your shaver’s lifespan.

The common life expectancy of electric shavers

The lifespan of an electric shaver first depends on the quality of the materials, which can be guaranteed by a well-known brand.

The more reputable the brand is, the better quality the products are. The top tier electric shaver on the market can last for more than seven years while the middle range is five years, and the lowest one is only three years.

Of course, a famous brand may be expensive, but it’s worth every penny you spend. Not only a reliable shaver provides high durability but also an excellent operation.

The reason is all the quality-products come with many innovative features that can resist unwanted factors. Some functions you may need are waterproof, high-quality blades, wet shaving, etc.

However, the right product can get damaged all the same if it falls into the hand of an ignorant user. To know how to keep your electric shaver under perfect condition, you should follow some tips we give below.

How to lengthen electric shavers lifespan?

There are many factors that can affect the electric razors life expectancy, but the common reasons are how you use and maintain it.
And here are some tips we suggest that you should follow if you want to use your razor longer.

Clean your electric blade after each use

After shaving, your hair and dead skin may be stuck in the blade, making the razor become blunt faster.
So remember to wash it carefully with warm water to remove all the dirty remainings, making your blade will work effectively for a longer time.

Otherwise, each week you should use a specific brush to clean the razor gently as sometimes the tap cannot wash all the unwanted pollutants left.

Besides, a small brush is ideal to reach all the tiny edges and angles.

Lubricate the razor after each use

By applying a specific oil, your blade will move smoothly, resulting in a more effective hair trimming.
Besides, the lubricants protect the metal parts against extreme conditions and increase the stainless ability.

Store your electric razor in the right place

Don’t place your electric shaver in lousy conditions such as too cold or too hot. Some products cannot put up with harsh temperatures. However, if you don’t have a suitable place, then you can buy a case to store your electric razor.

This case can prevent the blade from damaging by extreme weather conditions or unwanted impaction.

If you don’t want to purchase a case, you can make yourself a protective bag from the elastic band and bubble wrap.

Change the blade regularly

Commonly, your grooming tools should be changed in a period of six months to retain the best performance for the electric shaver.

Not updating your blade for a long time can cause your shaver to work poorly. Consequently, your electric razor has to consume more power for the shaving process, leading to a significant decrease in its life expectancy.

Final Word

Now you know an electric shaver with a long lifespan depends not only on the quality materials but also on the care from its owner.

The electric shavers also contain two different models, which is foil and rotary shaver. The traditional electric shaver model is the foil, so what are foil shavers better than rotary shavers?

If you know the answer, please comment below. And please share this article if you find it helpful.

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