How Long Does A Shaving Disposable Razor Last?

The disposable razor (or one-time, limited used manual shaver) is a cheap product that it’s not difficult to find a good one. Due to the product’s compact size, you can bring it along without any hassle.  It can not only shaving your facial hair, but it’s also suitable for clearing the ooze on your leg or armpit.

How long is a disposable razor good for shaving?

You should replace your blade when it’s dull. Commonly, they can last for only ten shaving times at the maximum. However, the life expectancy of this product can increase if you take care of it properly.

Let’s see how you can lengthen the lifespan of a disposable razor.

disposable razor
Typical disposable razor designs.

Tips to make your disposable razor last longer

Sharpening your blades once a week:

After each use, the modules may get stuck with your hair or dead skin cells, which make your blades duller. Therefore, you will need to clean it and sharpen it for the next uses. When you clean your blades, remember to use warm water, which can wash out all the unwanted pollutants on the blade’s surface.

Now we come to the most crucial part: “sharpening your razor.”

To be clear, you don’t need to buy a sharpened tool; All you need is a pair of the jean to do this. Please follow each step below carefully.

Sharpen your old razor by using the jean. (Pic.

● Place your jeans on a flat surface.

● Take your razor to the surface of the jeans, then move it quickly from side to side, up and down 10-15 times.

● Rewash your blade with warm water to remove all the small pieces of the jean fabric.

● Dry the razor or let the water evaporate naturally.

Please remember that don’t do it with the jeans you are wearing at that moment, as the blade can cut your skin accidentally.

If you don’t have a piece of jeans, you can use denim instead. It doesn’t make much difference.

Drying all the moisture:

You need to know that the reason why the razor becomes dull quickly is the oxidation of metal blades when they react with moisture in the air. And the disposable razor doesn’t have the coated substance that can resist water vapor, which will speed up the oxidation process.

So the most effective way of keeping your shaver work well is to store it at a dry place and keep it dry at the end of your shave. You can use a blow dryer to blow all the moisture on your razor, but this way it takes too much of your electric power, so we have a better idea.

● Give the blade a good flick to remove as much water drops as you can after use.

● Use your mouth to blow off as much water vapor as you can. Keep a safe distance between your mouth and the blade, because you don’t want to have a bloody face if the module touches your sensitive skin.

● Use a fresh towel, then tap the backward of your shaver 10-20 times against the cloth.

● Gently press the blade against the tower several times.

● Store it in a dry place. We suggest that you should not store it in the bathroom. But if you have no choice, you can buy a case to protect your shaver from water vapor around.

Wrapping up

You have known how long a disposable razor can work effectively, as well as some tips to increase the lifespan of your shaver. Nowadays, people replace their manual razor with a new electric shaver due to its outstanding features. Of course, those electric shavers can last longer than the manual ones.

However, every product has a different life expectancy, so do you know how long you should keep an electric shaver? If you know the answer, please leave a comment below, and share this article if you find it helpful.

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