How Long Should You Keep An Electric Shaver?

How Long Should You Keep An Electric Shaver

Shaving is something that most men have to do every day. Therefore, a razor is an essential item and you need to know how often should you replace your shaver.

An electric shaver is becoming more and more essential in people life and gradually replacing conventional razors. Using electric shaver is easier and quicker with only a gentle push of the button.

For example, you can save time by being able to shave on the go. You also no longer need to purchase any reserve razors or shaving cream.

Besides the outstanding functions, there is a common question when speaking of the electric shaver: “How long should you keep an electric shaver?”.

Should often should electric razor be replaced?
The electric shavers have more utility functions than the standard one.

How Long Should You Keep An Electric Shaver?

Actually, there is no exact period of time for this question. It depends on several elements such as the features of the device, the way you use the shaver, etc.

So let’s clarify these things.

Brand of the product

The first thing to mention is the brand of the product. Obviously, the high-end one will last longer than a lower-end.

High-end electric shavers usually come with 2-3 years limited warranty. However, they can even last for 5-10 years if you replace the parts such as foil, cutter block or screen in the course of time.

Meanwhile, the warranty period of lower-end products only last from 6 to 12 months but practically they will last for 3-5 years.


Maintenance also has a great impact on the shaver durability. Proper maintenance like cleaning after use, storing at the appropriate place, and following guidelines are given by the manufacturer is the way to prolong the electric shaver’s lifetime.

Type of the hair

The type of your hair is a factor that plays a role in the life of electric shavers. Generally, changing the head of the shaver every 12 months is recommended.

However, it can be flexible in each specific case. For people with stiff and thick beards, the razors will be worn out sooner than who with soft and slender beards.

So if you use your shaver with the coarse hair, you may have to replace the blade more frequently to have a fresher edge and closer shave.

Apart from the shaver’s quality, usage is also a factor that affects its durability.

How To Last Your Electric Shaver Durability?

It is possible to last the life of the electric shaver longer than expected if you follow the user manual strictly, take care of the shaver, and replace some parts when necessary, etc. These are things that affect how long should you keep an electric shaver.

Following the manufacturer’s charging instruction carefully. When using the shaver, it is necessary to let the battery run out of power then recharge it again Do not overcharge!

Don’t charge the shaver’s battery overnight and don’t use the shaver when it is plugged in.

Regularly washing excess cream as well as the stubble on the blade to make the shaving blade more durable. You can use warm water to wash the razor to make it cleaner. You also can shave faster and easier when the blade is still warm. After using, it is also advisable to clean and dry the blade thoroughly to maintain its durability and sharpness.

The shaver should be stored in a cool, dry place. Avoiding leaving the shaver rusted and dirty in the sink rust and unsanitary.

The electric shaver’s lifetime absolutely can be extended longer than expected by careful care.

In order to get the maximum efficiency in shaving, you need to know what is the best way to shave your face. Paying attention to cleaning the shaver, using the shaver in the right way, doing skincare after shaving,… are appropriate.

Moreover, the performance of the electric shaver plays an important role in the effect of every shave. A good shaver that provides you an even closer and more smooth shave. So the answer to how long should you keep an electric shaver depends on the level of satisfaction when you use it.

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