How Often Should I Shave, Is it Better To Shave Everyday?

How often should you shave your face

While most women are interested in taking care of their beauty, fashion and diet, men are mostly concerned with their facial hair. One feature on grooming attributes is the hair and well, if you have none, you had better hope it comes out soon enough.

It is believed that good maintenance and care of these hair shows how well you can keep your environment clean.

How often should you shave your face?

How often should you shave your face
How often should you shave your face: Other options available for you

Now, if you have facial hair, what can you do about it, so you could be acknowledged and look your best?

Keeping facial hair comes with a particular question like: How often should I shave?

When you have discovered your shaving routine, then, you can proceed to answer questions like: Can I use electric shavers? Should shave before or after a shower? How do I clean my razor when I am done shaving? Etc.

Most professionals have worked something out for themselves, hence, if you are new to shaving, this article is very important for you so you get to work out a shaving routine every month.

Although you can shave anytime comfortable by you or times when you see regrowth of hair around the face, it is still necessary you get a shaving plan.

Shaving Routines You Should Consider: Other options available for you

Below are routines you could consider if you want to know how often you should shave;

• Shave Regularly: There are so many people with clean shave look and one ideal thing required of them is regular shaving (daily).

You could pick up the habit of shaving every morning before you step out so you could look your best for that day. So many people face a situation wherein a few hours after shaving, there are strange beards all over and would definitely have to do some shaving again.

If you are one kind of person that face such, you need to pick up a daily morning routine so you can look good.

Also, if you are someone who doesn’t often get the time to shave always, let’s say like an office worker, you can try out this morning plan in order to maintain your facial hair.

Immediately you are done, ensure you clean the razors properly to avoid build-up of dirt and particles.

• Shave when necessary: For people who don’t have a condition like that mentioned above i.e. spontaneous growth of hair, you can choose to shave when necessary. If you start to notice that your beards are coming out in a more unattractive way, shaving is the best solution and it should be done quickly.

This is like choosing every other day to shave rather than following a routine.

There is a benefit to doing this type of shaving and that is: your skin heals faster from your action. This is an ideal choice for people with sensitive skin.

• Shave Once in a week: Also, you can choose to shave once every week if you are someone who doesn’t get too much of time. You can just choose a day where you will be relatively free like weekends such as Sunday to perform domestic activities and shave.

Once, you have shaved for that week, you are good to go for the next 7 days when you will shave again.

During this time frame, your skin gets the time to recovery from the shaving and it is prepared for another session. This is a better approach than looking unkempt while having work or things to do.

If you are an office person who only gets his day off on Sundays or Saturdays, you should opt-in for this plan.

• Don’t Shave, Trim:

Finally, there are people who don’t really need to shave and all they need to do is trim with a preferable electric shaver or razor. These people are those trying to grow a beard and are not worried at all about their facial hair.

Once, this is done, they are good to go for as long as they can until they start looking unattractive with the beards and then need to trim again.

In general, these 4 ways above can be done simultaneously if you have the time. The point of all this is to maintain a good look.


Having considered all the ways listed above, I suppose you have a good perception of how often you should shave. Shaving requires a whole lot of commitment, time and choosing the right device to use.

If you can take care of your face to the best possible way you can think of, then you have no worries about your environment.

In conclusion, pick a shaving plan out of the 4 above that suits you i.e. if you are an office worker, you can either go for shaving when urgent or shaving regularly, and if you want one for fashion like growing a beard, you can try not shaving but trimming with a good electric shaver.

Everything you need has been explained to you in the best way.

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