How Often Should You Replace Your Electric Shaver?

How Often Should You Replace Your Electric Shaver?

For most men, electric razors are associated with shaving. When you are here to read this article, you must be using a shaver. So are you possessing an electric shaver?

Due to its advantages and convenience, an electric shaver needs to be fully acknowledged. After a period of use, you have to replace the old shaver for a new one. You already knew about how long electric shavers last, right?

If not, don’t worry. Take a look at this article because I will share with you some tips and necessary information about electric shavers.

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Why Do You Need To Replace Your Foils And Blades?

Do you still remember your new electric shaver with all the smoothness and comfort provided by the sharp cutters?

But when the blades and foils begin to suffer from wear and tear, it’s high time to replace them with the new ones. So why are they so important?

Replace Your Foils And Razor Blades

If you think an electric shaver is just like a chef’s knife that you can sharpen its blades, you are making a mistake. You have no choice but to replace the blades with the new ones.

There is the fact that the friction produces heat and innovates stress to the metal, causing it to warp and deform.
Look at the following image!

Of course, you can know it is very dangerous and can cause serious injuries to your face easily. How many times have you undergone these injuries? I am sure you know that feeling.

Can Your Electric Shaver Last Longer Than Expect?

What factors affect an electric shaver’s lifespan?

Well, they are the quality of the blades and foils and the way you are caring for your shaver.

There are various shavers with different functions and durability. However, in general, it’s recommended that the head of the cutter should be changed every 12 months to 18 months, depending on your usage. You can use electric shaver batteries for 3-5 years or even more. One more time, it depends on your usage and caring.

So let’s learn:

What Do You Need to Extend The Lifespan of Your Blade?

Lubricate it:

Clean and Lubricate an Electric Razor

This is the most important step, but many people tend to ignore or forget it.
Do you know that reducing wear and tear as well as producing less heat by lubricating your shaver with light oil or spray is vital?

Well, the spray or light oil helps to decrease the friction among the moving metal parts.

It is surprisingly easy to follow but brings about a smooth shaver whose blades and foils will be always as sharp and new as the original.

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Clean it regularly:

When you are using a shaver, dead skin, hairs, and other unclean things will be stuck in the shaver and affect its performance. Therefore, after every use, you should clean your shaver carefully by using hot water and liquid soap.

Handle it with care:

You know, mechanical shocks can damage the foils easily. That is why you need to protect them from anything like using hard objects or patting too hard to clean them.

Keep in mind that the foils are very sensitive, so don’t clean it directly with the included brush. Also, always remember to use the hard case or protective cap to cover your shaver when taking it out for traveling.

All In All

When the electric shaver is becoming more and more popular, learn and understand its features, lifespan, and ways to take care of it is obviously crucial.

If you are hesitating about using an electric shaver because of feeling reluctant to change its parts, what do you think about disposable razors?

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