How To Shave Your Hair Properly With Ease

How to Shave Your Hair | Shaving Tips

Shaving hair is one of the popular trends for men, which can create a new and impressive look. However, for your first attempt to get hair shave, you might be confused about the right steps to do it properly.

Also, you may consider which shaving style is suitable for your face shape and whether you will go for a wet shave or merely trimming with a clipper.
But now, you don’t need to spend much time doing research or asking a barber anymore.

Go through our three steps and gather all useful tips you need for a perfect hair shave right below.

Step 1: Preparation

1. Choose good supplies

To get started with your shave, you can’t skip this step to gather enough necessary products for a smooth shave.

Of course, you don’t want to stop shaving your hair halfway through because you realize that something’s missing.

Here is what you need:

Electric Clipper:

Electric Hair Trimmer Rechargeable

If you usually leave your hair to grow between each shave, a clipper is an essential tool to trim it first. The longer your hair is, the harder your shave is.


You can choose from traditional, electric to designed razor based on your preference. There is no best razor as it depends on your taste. But, go for a high-quality item, and you won’t suffer from scuffs or irritation.

Shaving cream/oil:

Best Shaving Cream For Head

Are you planning for a close hair shave? Don’t forget to use lubrication. Your razor will glide smoothly on your scalp.


Treat your scalp as careful and delicate as your face skin. Use aftershave/balm to keep it moist, which will avoid redness or razor bumps in the future.

2. Prepare your hair and skin

A secret tip for you here is to shave your hair after a warm shower. In this way, you can soften your hair, clean the skins and open the pores, which prevent irritation afterward.

Make use of a soapy cloth and rub against your hair growth pattern. It will help you lift your hair away from your skin and get ready for a smooth shave.

3. Apply shaving cream

Apply the shaving cream you’ve prepared at the first step. Next, massage your hair and scalp with it. This step will soften your hair, close your pores and calm down your irritation.

Step 2: Shave

1. Trim if needed

Before shaving, you need to check your hair length first. If it is longer than a ¼ inch, it will make your razor ineffective.

So, use your trim and make it as short as possible. You don’t need to make your trimming even since it only prepares for your better shave.

2. Start to shave

Use a clean, sharp razor and glide with the grain. Following the direction of hair growth will lower chances of cuts, irritation, and ingrown hair.
Move your razor gently in the front of your head first. Then glide your blaze from the sides to back, and from back to the front top. Put slight pressure with slow movements.

When you get your shave done, apply a small amount of lather and rub your hair slightly. After that, you can check for rough spots, and start to re-shave them.

Focus more on some hard-to-reach areas such as behind the ears and the back of the neck, especially if you are a newbie.

Tip: If you want to make sure that you won’t miss any angles on your head, a hand mirror can be helpful in this case.

Step 3: Repair and Protect

1. Rinse your hair

Great, you’ve almost got your shave done. When you feel satisfied with your shaving shape, rinse your hair quickly under the warm water to unclog your spare hair.

After that, it is helpful for you to give some cold water pats again to close your pores. It will decrease some risks of redness or razor bumps.

2. Apply aftershave/oil

Best Natural Serum Aftershave
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Keep your scalp moist and soothe it with your aftershave balm or oil. As a result, you can avoid constant irritation.

Also, if your skin is too sensitive, go for alcohol-free solutions. All-natural oil can save you from itches.

Ending Up

Congratulations! We have walked you through all the essential steps you need to get a perfect hair shave.

What do you think about these steps? And which are your other suggestions to get a smooth head shave? Drop your ideas below in the comment box. And keep reading our next useful tips for your head shave.

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