How to Trim A Beard At Home For Busy People

How to Trim Your Beard at Home

Are you are a busy person but still want to have a nice beard? Instead of shaving or letting it grow stained because there is no time, then that wish can be fulfilled with tips on how to trim the beard, specifically in this article by Upshavers Blog.

Beard has always been considered the timeless charm of men for many generations. Most men want to cultivate a beautiful and well-groomed beard. However, the hustle and bustle of life make it difficult for you to maintain your desire for the beard. We will help you become a strong, masculine man with standard beard trimming methods like a professional salon at home through the following article.

How to Trim Your Beard

Invite readers to follow the following beard trimming steps:

Step 1: Clean and soften beard

How to Trim A Beard At Home

The first step in hair trimming at home is cleaning your beard. Use a beard soap to clean your beard. Since the facial skin is so different from the scalp, you cannot use shampoo to clean the beard. Then use the beard conditioner to soften your hair and go to the next step.

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Step 2: Comb (claw) the beard neatly

How to Trim A Beard At Home

After the beard is dry, gently brush the beard in the opposite direction of the hair growth. This step will help keep the beard upright, making it convenient to trim the beard. At the same time, you can also easily find out that the beard is still protruding, hole, unbalanced.

Step 3: Trim the beard

You can use a pair of scissors to trim your beard to the length you want. In terms of beard style and shape, there are many ways to choose from beard trimming. However, the easiest and most beautiful way is probably the way to make the beard around the chin longer and the beard on the sides of the face shorter.

For those who want to have a mustache, you can trim your beard to about 0.3 – 0.6 mm short.

How to Trim A Beard At Home

Step 4: Trim the mustache

Once you’ve trimmed the beard under your chin, take turns trim the sides of your face. Then, trim the beard under the nose (mustache). In this step, you should switch to using mustache pruning scissors to make the cut more subtle and sharp. Trim this beard more or less depending on the wishes of each person.

Some people like to prune a lot, making the distance between the nose and beard big. There are also people who like to trim less to look more masculine.

Step 5: Trim the beard under the chin

In beard trimming, the beard under the chin, near the neckline, is the hardest part to do. If you accidentally trim the wrong place, the overall face will be out of balance. For example, if you cut too close to the jawline, your face looks like it has two chin lines.

Therefore, the safest and most beautiful way to trim the beard is to trim all the beard from the left side of the neck down.

However, the part of the beard that needs trimming will vary from person to person. Because some people have long necks, others have shorter necks, so when you trim, you should carefully consider cutting the beard up or down the left neck so that it is most suitable. Then, shape your beard in a U shape.

Step 6: Use moisturizing oil to finish trimming hair

How to Trim A Beard At Home

Just like with hair, you also need to moisturize your beard. In this case, You can use facial moisturizing shaving cream. So, after you’ve finished trimming your beard, use a good beard moisturizer to keep your beard healthy. Then, brush the beard with a brush to let the moisturizer evenly spread over the surface of the beard.

It is also the last step in trimming a beard at home for busy guys. Wish you all success in creating your own masculine beard!

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