How to use a Rotary Shaver? 7 Tips help you with the best shave ever

How to Use an Rotary shaver

It is quite interesting that most men today hardly know how to use a rotary shaver. Even those that know how it works have a problem with its maintenance.

I would say the reason why many people are scared of using one is the risk of getting a skin irritation, which is not so true.

Ways to use a Rotary Shaver.

With the right approach, you can make use of a shaver while reducing skin irritation, and after using it, ensure proper maintenance.

A rotary shaver is the best tool you can afford to get if you want a smooth, neat and clean shave.

It is useful and helps reduce your finances on the body and health care.

Although, for your first experience if you are yet to make use of one, skin irritation is inevitable and this because you haven’t tried out such before.

However, after several consecutive shaving, you will get used to it, and skin irritation will be reduced.

In fact, on the maximum, it takes up to 30 days before your skin becomes adapted to a rotary shaver.

Tips: How can I reduce skin irritation all by myself?

I would advise users, particularly men that to avoid or reduce skin irritation, there are some things you should do yourself.

Our 7 tips will leave you with the best shave ever.

You don’t want to leave all the work to nature; you should also try something helpful. They are;

#1. Spot out sensitive areas of your skin:

Best Electric Shaver For Sensitive Skin
You should consciously spot out sensitive areas of your face that face more risk when shaving.

One of the best ways to avoid skin irritation is to carefully and consciously spot out sensitive areas of your face that face more risk when shaving.

Immediately you get the shaver running, make sure you cut those places first before going further to other parts of the face.

Remember, the longer the shaver runs, the hotter it gets just like an electric shaver which is a significant factor of skin irritation.

#2. Don’t shave a dry skin:

Many people make the mistake of cutting a dry face when in the actual sense, the face should be moist before doing anything.

If you know you have to hurry somewhere or you are extremely busy, avoid shaving rather than shaving dry skin and increasing skin irritation.

However, if you are not working, ensure you get a damp cloth or napkin and use warm water to lubricate your skin (a process called: “moisturizing the hair”).

This way, you get a clean, smooth and irritation-free shave using the rotary shaver.

#3. Make use of shaving creams:

Only a few men have done this so far which is quite unfortunate.

How would you expect a smooth and irritation-free shave without using cream or a type of shaving gel?

Different brands have produced these creams to make sure you get a great user experience, and when disregarded, problems could result.

Shaving creams and gels are lubricants to be applied on the face for topnotch performance.

If you are wondering: “what type of cream can I get then?Check online for good quality shaving creams that work smoothly on rotary shavers and fits your budget perfectly.

#4. Rinse your blades often:

Asides the fact that it is hygienic, rinsing your blade prevents you from skin irritation more than anything else. The edge becomes dull and blocked when you shave, leaving it that way gets it damaged and ultimately has an effect on the skin when applied.

Ensure you rinse your blade immediately after you are done shaving to avoid problems on your next application.

Some rotary shavers have instructions on how to rinse after shaving in their Guides; you should look across and follow them strictly.

Doing this improves the quality and durability of the blade.

#5. Clean the shaver often:

Another thing you should consider doing in general, apart from rinsing of blades is cleaning, i.e. proper maintenance of the shaver kits. Immediately you are done using the shaver, clean and make use of lubricants if available on metallic parts before storing in a comfortable place.

Several online stores sell oils that are good on rotary shavers; you can look them up and purchase if any catches your fancy.

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#6. Gentle Skin Shave:

If you don’t want your sensitive skin to react badly, it is best you handle your rotary shaver carefully and trim the hair on your skin gently.

Gentle skin shave always brings good results and smooth skin afterward.

On the contrary, pushing shaver hard on the surface only increases the risk of skin irritation and damage which may be quite difficult to correct.

#7. Take lessons online:

Lastly, an effective way to handle and know how these things work is taking lessons online and performing self-experiments at leisure hours. This is suitable for beginners, and it will help them understand how to avoid certain things such as discomfort.

You shouldn’t get disappointed if things don’t turn out the way you expect, but ensure you are making progress.

Important things to take note

Carefully considering the tips listed and explained above, you are good to go on having the best shaving experience. If you have been doing it all wrong, this is your one chance at making it right; clean what you have to, rinse what is needed and maintain in the best possible way.

Also, pay attention to what your skin or face needs, i.e. don’t go too hard on it, ensure it is kept moist before shaving and spot out sensitive parts of your face before doing a shave job.

Also, while you are interested in reducing skin irritation, it is good you pick the best rotary shaver.

The best rotary shavers have a topnotch quality, and their features are outstanding; you don’t have to struggle when choosing online because they are all descriptive.

Pick the type that fits your budget and works well on your skin; if after all this, you still get uncomfortable, you are allowed to switch from a rotary shaver to a foil shaver.


In conclusion, I hope you have learned one or two things on how to use a rotary shaver, tips on how to maintain it and what is required to avoid skin irritation if you have always had any.

It is safe, healthy and most importantly, helps you to improve your looks.

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