How To Use An Electric Razor On The Legs

How To Use An Electric Razor On The Legs
How to shave your legs with an electric shaver
How to shave your legs with an electric shaver

Do you want to know how to shave your legs with an electric shaver? Electric razors take the hassle out of shaving and make it quick and easy.

You have read more than enough articles on how to use an electric razor on facial hairs but so little on the legs. The legs are also a part of the body and just the same way you apply these razors on the face, so it goes for them too.

Now, you may have a lot of questions on the mode of application and how to shave without getting cuts or nicks; it will be explained in detail further in this article.

For amateurs or people who are new to using shavers, this article is very important for you as you have little or no mastery of how to use electric shavers.

The Top 10 Best Electric Shavers on the market

However, since you want to learn how to use an electric razor on the legs, there is something new to know about shaving. Most importantly, ensure you get the perfect electric razor for the job before following the steps below on wet and dry shaving of hair on the legs.

How to shave your legs: A Guide for First Users
How to shave your legs: A Guide for First Users

Guide on how to shave the hairs on your leg

Firstly, you need to decide whether you are opting-in for dry or wet shaving. While the former requires proper preparation, the latter can be done even in the bathroom as long as the surface of the skin is moist.


• Clean your skin: On a dry shaving procedure, it is essential to clean your skin with a warm, foamy towel lightly. This is done to remove every liquid or moisture on your surface and also polish the legs, so it becomes softened up.

Once, this is done, you can proceed with the next step.

• Dry your Legs: The purpose of cleaning the skin is to get rid of moisture and make hair softer, drying the legs creates a more comfortable work area.

Here, you completely get rid of moisture, and you can start drying from the ankle to the upper parts of the legs.

• Use Electric Shaver: Once you have prepared your legs for the job, the next thing to do is start shaving. Ensure the shaver having an electric razor is fully charged when you switch it on.

I strongly advise you to consider shaving from the ankle upward as a more natural approach for a smooth shave.

• Use Lotion: Finally, you are done with shaving, what other better way will you advise getting a soft, beautiful and shiny skin other than a lotion.

While this lotion gives it a clean look, it also relaxes the area where you have used the razor.

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• Moisturize your legs: Since its wet shaving, you are free to do anything like taking a shower, applying moisture with a towel on your legs, as long as your legs are wet.

This way, you are preparing your legs, cooling the hairs and making them soft.

• Use Shaving Cream, Gel or Foam:  Can you use shaving cream for legs? Just like when you use gel or cream as a lubricant on the face to make it easier to shave, you can also apply them on the legs.

There are several brands out there that manufacture quality shaving creams that are good for shaving. When you use any of these lubricants, get your leg ready for work.

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• Watch Direction: The next thing you should consider is shaving the hair on your legs in a direction from the ankle upwards.

This is more convenient and gives you total control and understanding of where you have cut or left to cut. While doing this, you will feel the impact of the cream or gel you have used because it becomes more comfortable.

• Clean your legs: When you are through, what you should do is clean up your work area. This is the easiest thing to do because all you need is fresh water.

You can also apply a moisturizer to relax the sensitive skin and make you more comfortable after shaving.

A Guide for First-Timers

Many men choose to avoid shaving legs during the winter months, when long pants, tights, and leggings cover everything. Someone only ever shaves their legs before outside when they have to wear something that shows off their legs.

In fact, maybe that’s a personal preference but it will be so good to be able to take a break from the regularity of having to shave legs all the time.

Summary and Conclusion

Now, I have talked about how to use an electric razor on the legs easily either for wet or dry shaving in a few points above. You have also been indirectly given reasons why electric shavers are better than traditional razors (they are crude, harmful, cause deep cuts and nicks, etc.).

Therefore, it is best you choose the best kind of shaver having an electric razor for men on the market; it could be a foil shaver, a rotary shaver, etc.

In conclusion, electric razors can also be used on the legs and not only on the face. They are comfortable to use on the legs depending on the mode of shaving you choose and as long as you follow the steps.

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