How To Use Electric Shaver Philips

How To Use Electric Shaver Philips effectively without difficulty

Subsequent times, we have learned or read about how to use an electric shaver and various ways to maintain them to avoid complications. Electric shavers as often regarded are important devices every man should have whether he is growing a beard shaver or shaving one.

While beards are believed to give a more manly look, properly maintaining them does even better, and this can only be done when you use the good electric shaver.

For instance, electric shavers are just one device with an automatic mode of operation but represented by different brands. Many brands manufacture all kinds of shavers; good or bad, a customer decides to go for a quality product.

One such product/brand is Philips which has an outstanding reputation on the market, and while there is an influx of people going for it every day, it is essential I lecture you on how to use electric shaver Philips.

One perfect device Philips has designed so far is Philips AquaTouch Wet & Dry Electric Shaver which can be used to avoid unnecessary cuts and nicks and works well with or without shaving foam.

On an outlook, the device has a pop-up trimmer which makes it an ideal choice for trimming mustache and getting a topnotch sideburn. It also has durable blades coupled with a 2-year warranty of excellent performance; hence, a great product highly recommended for everyone (pros and amateurs).

The Right Way to Use an Electric Shaver Philips

Simple ways on how to use electric shaver Philips without difficulty.

Below are the easiest ways to try out the newly recommended device for both wet and dry shaving in this article:

1. Avoid Long Facial Hair

In dry shave, one thing you must avoid is a long facial hair because it could be uncomfortable for you while shaving. The long length could cause bumps, burning sensation, irritation, etc. and you wouldn’t want that.

Hence, you will be required to use a trimmer to reduce the length and then a shaver to finish the work; fortunately, both are featured in this Philips product.

2. Right-Angle Shaving

Shaving generally, you have to apply your basic knowledge of mathematics, and that is the 90-degree angle. You are often advised not to shave anyhow; shave in a direction opposing the growth of your facial hair while moving in a circular motion.

Not only does this method limit skin irritation that occurs after shaving, but it saves time and stress (especially if you are running late).

3. Use Gel or Creams

Gels, when applied on the face, are lubricants to aid a more comfortable and smoother shave, such that rough linings are softened up.

Before you commence with shaving, use gel or foam or even quality-product shaving creams on areas where you would like to shave (neck inclusive) and leave for about 5 to 10 minutes. When the time elapses, pick up your shaver and watch the trick on your face.

4. Wash with a Cleanser

While cleansers aren’t so good to use on dry shave, they are required for wet-shave and ensure you get a good cleanser for the job.

Also, you can use along with warm water or an alcohol-free pre-shave liquid (the main thing is to apply moisture to the face).

In general, what all of them aim at is to soften the facial hair and remove oils clogged on the front.

5. Treat Sensitive Areas First

As often said, look out for the sensitive areas of your skin first and shave them before you proceed with other parts of the face. This is because you are making use of an electric shaver which is liable to produce heat and there is an adverse reaction of heat on sensitive spots.

Philips AquaTouch has the right feature to help solve this problem (5-direction Flex heads for moving independently in 5 directions)

6. Fully Charge Device

One more thing I often advise people to take note of is that, ensure your shaver is fully-charged before you put it to use. Getting an averagely-charged shaver to work effectively is like forcing your eyes open when they are sleepy (very uncomfortable).

You need more power especially when the resistance on the blades are massive when the gel is applied on the face.

7. Clean your Shaver

Lastly, clean your shaver often to avoid loss in efficiency. You can try cleaning procedures such as rinsing the blades, applying lubricants and replacing blades when due.


In conclusion, you now have an idea of how to use electric shaver Philips effectively without difficulty.

Ensure you follow the steps and guidelines above strictly, and you will be thrilled at the outstanding performance from Philips AquaTouch Wet & Dry Electric Shaver.

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