Are Disposable Razors Safe? Are They Better Than Safety Razor?

Have you ever used or thought about buying a disposable razor? Today, a lot of men feel comfortable with this choice since they’re convenient, budget-friendly as well as easy to use and replace it with another. Although we can easily replace disposable razor with a new one after a short term or a few times […]

Foil vs Rotary Shaver: What Are The Differences?

Shaving is a very personal thing though and what might be right for one person will be completely wrong for another. Technology innovation appears in every aspect of human-being nowadays. Even electric shavers now have more amazing features than before. If in the past you only have foil model shaver, now you can buy a […]

How Long Do Electric Shavers Last And Tips To Increase Their Lifespan

An electric shaver is a popular product helping men to get out of the messy face’s hair. Not like the manual razor, it has a different life expectancy, which depends on how you maintain it and the quality of the materials. So how long do electric shavers last? Keep reading to find out! we also […]

How To Shave Your Hair Properly With Ease

Shaving hair is one of the popular trends for men, which can create a new and impressive look. However, for your first attempt to get hair shave, you might be confused about the right steps to do it properly. Also, you may consider which shaving style is suitable for your face shape and whether you […]

How To Properly Shave Your Face For The First Time?

How to shave your face for the first time and is it wrong to shave your face? Perhaps, you can hear many downsides of shaving faces on the Internet such as making your face irritating and increasing risks to get thicker and darker regrowth. I will tell you a fact. Some of the news are […]