Should You Have Shave Before or After you Shower? What is Better?

Should You Have Shave Before or After you Shower?

There has been a lot of controversies on when to shave i.e. should you shave before or after you shower? Well, there is a lot of benefits when you do both and one major thing is: you would have finally completed the task of clearing or cutting your facial hair.

Now, it is important that you understand why you should do one instead of the other with regard to the benefits you tend to gain and ease with shaving in general.

Shaving has become one of man’s habits (daily routine) and he gets better as time goes by on procedures to take while shaving.

As a professional, he understands the type of shaver (whether electric shavers such as foil shaver, rotatory shaver, or traditional shavers) that is good on him, methods to avoid getting skin irritation and how to clean electric shavers properly.

Unlike when you were still an amateur and the only thing you learned to do was how to shave, even though you had multiple cuts. Now, you have excelled in doing that, what is important is making decisions on whether to shave before or after having a bath.

Is it better to shave Before or After your shower? Below are things you should know about the two ways;

1. Shaving Before Shower

Is it better to shave Before or After I shower?
Is it better to shave Before or After I shower?

When you shave before you shower, there are just so many things to consider and a lot put to risk.

One of them is that you need to check if pores of the skin are open or not and if the hair is soft; if they are not open and dry, complications could result s you shave which could put your face in a whole lot of trouble.

If any of your cases fit this and you want to shave before shower, ensure the strength of the hair is below the minimum.

Also, while doing this, you can make use of warm water to relax the hair and put it in a good state. When you do this, no doubt you will have a good shave and you can then wash your face properly when you are done.

However, some best budget electric shaver for men has been designed solely to support dry shaving– this is the one other thing that makes shaving before shower good and comfortable.

Interestingly, these electric shavers contain oil particles in their casing when dry shaving, therefore, it still needs a little amount of moisture to relax and make the skin soft. Without any of these things i.e. warm water application and oil lubricant, shaving dry hair before a shower will be difficult and painful.

2. Shaving After Shower

Back in the days, men that use traditional shavers ensure they shave immediately after a nice shower because of the comfort and ease. While many may not see the need for this process, it is important to know that there are a whole lot of benefits associated with shaving after the shower.

Asides being refreshing, it saves the skin from getting damaged from irritation such as soreness, redness, itching, etc.

One other benefit of having a shower before shaving is that it prepares your skin or action by relaxing and opening up. In addition, when you go online, there are several videos and articles that will show you how to perform a good wet shaving without difficulty.

In fact, you will get enlightened on how to also use quality shaving creams when wet-shaving using electric razors.

Use shaving creams when wet-shaving using electric razors after you shower
Use shaving creams when wet-shaving using electric razors after you shower.

Furthermore, if you are running late, you can easily take a shower, shave in a few minutes, clean up your face and get ready; hence it is time-effective. Also, it allows you to look your best because your sensitive skin will still remain fresh and your cuts still clean for the day.

Lastly, there is always one mistake people make: ensure you don’t take long before you shave after a shower so that the pores won’t close up and skin becoming tough again.

My Advice: Shave before the shower.

Personally, I would strongly advise that you shave after you shower and there are reasons why you should do that;

• When you apply moisture on your face as a result of a shower, the hair follicle relaxes and your skin becomes soft and ready for action.

• Building a lather on the face becomes easy and stress-free.

• Less-time consuming and frees you from skin irritation.


Having made a juxtaposition between shaving before and after taking a shower, I hope you are now convinced of what to do and steps to take to ensure topnotch performance.

As said earlier, the level of performance depends on the texture of the skin and structure of the hair follicles in which both require a lubricant or moisture to keep the face ready.

In conclusion, you have an answer to should you shave before or after you take a shower. You have been made to understand the benefits of both in the article with the latter (after a shower) being the best choice to make for any man.

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