What Is The Best Way To Shave Your Face?

Best Way To Shavr My Face

Shaving seems to be a simple task but it causes a lot of trouble if done the wrong way. To avoid falling into bad situations when shaving, you need to know some basic things. Have you ever wondered what is the best way to shave my face? Don’t worry, it’s not too hard to have a perfect shave. I will show you the best way to shave your face.

The Best Way To Shave Your Face

In order to get clear skin after shaving, you must know the proper shaving techniques.

So, the best way to shave your face is shaving with the grain. It means shaving in the same direction as your hair grows. This thing will significantly reduce irritation as well as give you a closer shave.

One of the most popular mistakes is shaving against the grain. This action not only causes more damage to the face skin, but it also causes the beard to grow back.

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Some areas, such as mustache or neck are completely different, so special attention is needed. You can gently touch each area with your hands and you will be able to determine the direction of their growth easily.

Besides, you also need to perform some other tasks properly to get a better result. You must hold and slip the razor properly, no need to press hard. Pressing firmly or shaving horizontally can cause you to cut into the skin. Try to move the razor on the skin surface as gently as possible.

Also, you should not move the shaver too quickly and allow it to do the hard work for you.
For areas that are difficult to reach like your jawline, philtrum and around your mouth, use your hand to pull your skin to create a smooth surface for the razor to move easily.

For who is wondering what is the best way to shave my face, here it is the solution.

Don’t forget to rinse your blades often to remove any hairs that are trapped in it. You should keep the blade as clean and free from clogging as possible. Whenever you see dirt accumulating between razors, dip and stir the razor in the water.

In addition to the shaving techniques, there are other elements affect the shaving result. Let me show you some tips to target the maximum effectiveness in shaving your face.

The Best Time To Shave Your Face

Some people have the habit of shaving in the evening. However, it is no good shaving at that time because your skin is both very sensitive and tense. So, you’re likely to get scratchy and painful skin. The perfect time in a day to shave your face is in the early morning when you wake up since the skin is soft and relaxed after a long sleep.

Besides, you should also shave before having breakfast. When you eat, the chewing action will push blood to the jaw area, as well as your lips and eyes. Therefore, shaving after eating will make you easily get hurt.

Choose A Proper Electric Shaver

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You should choose for yourself a suitable shaver.

In order to get a suitable shaver, you should consider the coarseness of your beard hair, the type of your skin and your favorite shaving method.

If your skin has acne, you should try using an electric shaver, which provides you with a gentler shave to your sensitive skin. In addition, these electric devices are very convenient, require less preparation, and give you dry shaves.

Aside from it, there are some other species for you to choose from. Multi-blade razors help to increase efficiency, disposable razors are both convenient and economical, double-sided razor blades give you a closer shave and save you money. Whether you shave by a hand razor or an electric shaver, the blade must be absolutely sharp and clean. A rusty shaver is a cause of your bleeding that may lead to an infection.

Prepare Your Face Before Shaving

If you have a bushy beard, it is necessary to trim it down as short as possible before using the shaver. It is not only ineffective but also painful.

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Before shaving, you must wash your face clean with warm water to clear out excessive sebum and exfoliate the skin. It will allow the razor to slide smoothly on your face and reduce the risk of infection while shaving.

Using warm water to wash your face also opens the pores, and moisturizes the hair.  Apply shaving cream to your skin and wait for 1-2 minutes. If you leave the cream on your skin for a few minutes before you start shaving, you’ll notice the difference. Shaving cream will moisturize your beard, making them softer and easier to clean.

You should start shaving right after washing your face as the skin is still soft and the pores are still opening. This will make it easier for you to get the closest and most comfortable shave.

Skin Care After Shaving

Washing and massaging your face with cold water after shaving to quickly tighten up the pores. Coldwater will also soothe new cuts as well as reduce bleeding by causing blood vessels to shrink.

After that, apply a layer of lotion or non-alcoholic balm to anti-inflammatory and protect the healthy structure of the subcutaneous layer. Finally, it is important to clean and dry your shaving equipment thoroughly. Regular cleaning of the shaver will make it more durable and work better.

A good electric shaver has an important role in what is the best way to shave your face. You also have to notice to replace any parts of the shaver or even buy a new shaver when it is recommended by manufacturers.

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