What To Use After Shave To Avoid Skin Irritation

Simple Ways to Prevent Skin Irritation After Shaving
Simple Ways to Prevent Skin Irritation After Shaving

Bearless appearance can make a good impression at your workplace or on the first date.

However, whenever you try to shave your face, you have to suffer from scratchy hair, redness or razor bumps. This case is getting on your nerves.

Not only you have that problem. No one can tolerate dry skin or irritation after a shave.

But, how can you avoid this constant irritation?

One of the best ways is to treat your skin after shaving. Take a look at what you can do to get a smooth and relaxed post-shave skin.

Aftershave Splash Vs. Aftershave Balm – Which One Is The Winner?

There are a variety of aftershave products that are useful for preventing the harmful side effects of shaving. Feel free to choose the best product based on your preferences.

Primarily, we have two kinds of aftershave, including aftershave splash and aftershave balm.

1. Aftershave splash

Aftershave splash is known as an antiseptic that has a scent that can last for a long time. In other words, it is an alcohol-based (as much as 90% alcohol) astringent that can dry on your skin.

Some aftershave splashes on the market
Some aftershave splashes on the market

Barbers usually utilize aftershave splash to kill off bacteria and to lower the risks of the transmission of disease and infection via shaving tools. Besides, it smells pleasant to make users feel better.

But, a big minus point is the high alcohol content of aftershaves when splashing. The alcohol can leave your skin dry and irritated. Sometimes, it can increase the tightness and dryness of the skin, which causes ingrown hairs. If your skin is so sensitive, you shouldn’t use this product.

Instead, you can consider an aftershave balm.

2. Aftershave Balm

An example of aftershave balm

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Are you looking for an excellent product for your skincare after shaving? If yes, aftershave balm or shaving cream can be an excellent option.

It is a hydrating lotion, which gives off a mild scent. But, this scent will go away soon after you apply it on your skin.
Plus, this product is easy-to-use. After finishing your shave, you should rinse off your skin with cold water. Then, apply a small amount of aftershave balm on your shaved areas and massage them gently.

You can depend on the thickness of your products to use from a pea-sized to a quarter-sized quantity.

This method will only take a few seconds to complete, but it can make your skin moisture and soothing. As a result, red burn or razor bumps can stay away from you.

Other Aftershave Types

On the current market, you can notice that aftershave products come in mainly three kinds, consisting of balm or cream, gel, and lotion.

So, how different are they? Let’s find out right below.

1. Balm

Perhaps, many customers consider an aftershave balm as a shaving product. However, it is a skincare item, which usually contains from 2 to 5 percent of alcohol.

Of course, the best solution is alcohol-free with all natural ingredients such as essential oils.

The balm can work as an antiseptic without causing dryness or oily residue on your skin. With a little amount of alcohol, it does hydrate your sensitive and dry skin better than splashes and lotions.

2. Gels

An aftershave gel brand
An aftershave gel brand

Compared to balms, gels contain a relatively low amount of alcohol. But, it doesn’t have much oil. That explains why this product seems not to be as moist as balms.

However, it offers a sense of freshness and soothingness, which do well in protecting and keep your skin healthy.

3. Lotions

What is the best after shave lotion?
What is the best after shave lotion?

Of these three types of aftershave supplies, lotions have the highest level of alcohol, which can be up to 60 or 75%. Like splash, barbers used to utilize them a lot back to the old days.

Wait! Keep in mind that much alcohol can impact negatively on your sensitive skin, and cause some pains and irritation after a shave.

Besides, lotions can contain synthetic fragrances, which can close your pores. Then before choosing them, consider their downsides.

Ending Up

Treating your skin well after every shave is a significant step in your shaving routine. If you forget this step, it can lead to troubles such as itchy or dry skin, irritation, redness and razor bumps.

But, choosing the wrong aftershave product also can cause some annoyance.

So, we hope that our information can assist you in choosing the right product to use after shavingDo you have any other tips for shaving habits? Don’t hesitate to drop your comment below.

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