How to Use an Electric Shaver?

How to Use an Electric shaver for the first time

This guide talks about how to shave with an electric shaver. There is no escaping the fact that having a clean shave of your beards goes a long way in scoring your appearance.

Such a desired clean shave can be got through the use of an electric shaver.

Unfortunately, many users do not know how to properly use an electric shaver. To ease your fears, I have come with a guide to give you tips about its proper usage.

Come along with me as we go through the steps one after the other.

How Do You Get Started?

A question that comes to mind is, “How do I get started?”

Right? Well, let’s hit the nail on the head.

#1. Make sure you have a sharp blade

Obviously, you do not want to give yourself a scar or hurt your skin. You are strongly advised to ensure that your blade is really sharp before shaving.

Once in a while, you can replace your blade if you discover they are getting dull.

#2. Make sure the razor is fully charged.

There’s surely a great benefit that comes with using a fully charged shaver.

With the ultimate goal being getting a close and smooth shave, a fully charged razor would provide ultimate performance in ensuring the goal is achieved.

#3. Swab your face generously with a cleanser or warm water.

This would give you a smooth-ride shaving, as your hair would become soft and excess oil would be reduced.

You may also choose to gently rub some gel on your face and then let it be, for a few minutes.

You may also choose to use shaving cream if wet shaving is a good option for you.

This would ensure that you are provided with much comfort.

This method also promises to give you a very close shave.

#4. Apply powder or an electric pre-shave lotion

This is particularly important if you are the type that loves dry shaving. You obviously want to ensure that your skin is kept dry. The lotion would ensure that a good degree of lubrication is provided.

It is also worthy to mention that the lotion would ensure that your hair stands upright.

In addition, this would cause your hair to stiffen up as the moisture contents would have been absorbed.

The powder or the lotion would ensure that your electric shaver works fine to give a very smooth and close shave.

Are you supposed to use shaving cream with an electric razor? If have, check out our reviews here.

#5. Support the shaver with your strongest hand.

While shaving, ensure that you hold the electric razor with your strongest hand. The other non-dominant hand should be used in pulling your skin tight.

This would give you a very close shave because you are shaving against the grain.

#6. Shave the sensitive areas first.

Areas like your neck, beneath your jawbone, are very sensitive and often time very tricky. Here, you need to exercise some good degree of patience.

Electric shavers tend to generate heat as time goes on during usage, it is strongly advised to shave these areas first to avoid irritation.

To get a fantastic visual angle while shaving, ensure that you position your head in a way that ensures you have a good look at the mirror.

This would prevent you from repeatedly going over the already-shaved sensitive parts.

#7. Give the side of your face and your cheeks a good shave.

Here, I would advise you to shave with the grain. It is clear that shaving against the grain can give you a close shave, but there’s a possibility that you accidentally give yourself a bad cut.

You certainly wouldn’t want to create ingrown hairs, would you?

To prevent this, shave from the top all the way through your jaw. This would ensure that you do not cut your hairs below the skin level, thereby keeping the possibility of having ingrown hairs at bay.

#8. Do not put in too much pressure when using your electric shaver.

It is possible you cause some irritations on your skin when extensive pressure is added while shaving your skin. You surely want to take note of this.

Work towards perfecting your shaving techniques. It is often advised that you shave against the direction of growth and then adjust when you deem it fit.

Ensure that you get your angle right.

You can also start with areas that often time prove difficult. This would require more time and concentration. With time, it will pay-off as your techniques will definitely get better.

Patience is obviously the key here.

#9. Always clean and lubricate your electric shaver after use.

This is really important if you want your electric shaver to have a very good lifespan.

It is also safe to say that lubricating your shaver would help reduce the heat generated during use.

This is surely a way of ensuring that your electric shaver gives a good performance return.

A spray cleaner can also be used. You certainly want to ensure that bacteria and dirt are removed from the razor.

The spray cleaner will ensure that your electric shaver is kept clean.

#10. Check your blades to ensure that the dull ones are replaced.

Obviously, you would n’t want to have a poor shaving experience, would you? You may be tempted to overlook this aspect, but verily, verily I say unto you, it is very important.

Replacing dull blades not only gives you the desired closeness but also ensures that maximum safety and comfort is provided.

Often time, blades should be replaced at least once every year, depending on the number of times you shave.

It is also important that you pay close attention to the manufacturer’s instructions.

You should only buy parts that the manufacturer recommends.


In conclusion, we’ve been able to see how to use an electric shaver and note a few things. Contrary to the opinions of many, using an electric shaver isn’t as complicated as it seems.

Following the tips highlighted above not only guarantees a clean and smooth shave but also improves the lifespan of your electric shaver.

Choose a nice electric shaver and start having an awesome experience using it. Cheers!

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